Terms & conditions

Buyonlineclasseshelp.com warmly greets you to the subtle service packages that suit you not only academically but also financially. Our service team is quite sufficient to serve you with our best features. It is to aware all the users and customers that we request reading these terms and services before they place their orders from us. It will inform them of the conditions under which we work and save them from all sorts of ambiguity and miscommunication. We always update our policy changes whenever a shift occurs; hence it is better that you go through these every time before ordering. To show that you comply with our terms of services, please click on the box given below and verify it. The company can bring any change without any confirmation with the public.

  • We condemn using our services for any wrongdoing or illegal act. The user cannot sell or replicate it for unethical use.
  • The confirmation of your order gets acknowledged after you pay us.
  • We use personal data of our customers which contribute to enhancing the quality. All the information that we use, including the operating system data, is for our betterment and never gets sold to a third party.
  • You can only place your order if you accept to fill up all the information that we ask from you. We promise to protect the information and keep it safe and secure.
  • After you pay us, we guarantee that:
    a) We will value the deadline and deliver your order on time. We may send it to you sooner but will never get late.
    b) We will always deliver quality work.
    c) Your instructions and requirements will get carefully met.
    d) Our service ensures instant replies and communication.
    e) Without your consent, we will never use your personal information.
    f) We have the right to make any changes in our terms and conditions and are not obliged to notify anybody.
    g) Check our refund policies as they are case limited and does not apply to every scenario.
  • You will undoubtedly get a refund if you do not get your order then the company will provide you a 100% refund if they fail to deliver.
  • In all cases, we get a pre-authorization from the customer to keep the 50% charges as the service cost for which they will not get a refund.
  • For a refund, you must apply for it within 90 days, after that you cannot do so. But you can submit a complaint about payment at all times.
  • We allow our clients to ask for a free report of the work under a 7-day duration. After that, it will not remain free of cost.
  • For cancelling of expert class order, the user must notify us within a 90-day duration. The company can determine the refund policy for that on its own.